Elon Musk’s decision to let Tesla clients buy the brand’s cars with Bitcoin became huge news, yet it was definitely not the first time when crypto investors received a chance to pay for a vehicle with coins. Car dealerships have been in the crypto game since the very beginning, and there are dozens of merchants that sell cars for Bitcoin. If you have been considering exchanging your crypto funds for a brand-new Lamborghini or even Tesla for quite a while, you should certainly look into this list of car dealers who accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Key Points:

  • Many car dealerships offer their clients an option of paying in crypto.
  • Today, crypto investors can purchase practically any luxury car using their Bitcoin.
  • NOWPayments can assist car dealers in accepting cryptocurrencies as payment.


AutoCoinCars is not a typical car dealership. Instead, it is an intermediary which facilitates the purchase of vehicles in the UK with Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies. AutoCoinCars has a large database of both new and used vehicles from dozens of dealerships across the United Kingdom. The company’s website lists every model and conveniently quotes prices both in GBP and Bitcoin. The advantage of AutoCoinCars compared to the standard dealerships is, of course, the impressive selection of vehicles. One can find any kind of car from different price segments. A good old Volkswagen Polo or a luxury Rolls-Royce Phantom, and everything that lies in between are available to AutoCoinCars’ clients. Tesla is also on the list of brands sold by AutoCoinCars. The biggest fans of Elon Musk can even buy a new Tesla with Dogecoin and make history by doing it. So, if you live in the UK and desire to spend your crypto on a car, AutoCoinCars is definitely the place to consider.


BitCars was one of the first car dealers that recognized that cryptocurrency was the future of electronic payments. Before creating BitCars, the company’s owners sold watches for Bitcoin. Today, they successfully manage two businesses providing Bitcoin investors with the ability to enjoy spending their profits on lavish items. BitCars specializes in luxury and retro cars, especially those which possess great investment potential. The first car sold by the company was Rolls Royce Dawn which set the bar quite high from the very start. BitCars’ clients can purchase exotic and expensive cars of different carmakers. Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, Audi, Rolls-Royce, and of course Tesla are all aboard. On the company’s official website, BitCars correctly points out that it began selling Tesla for Bitcoin much earlier than Elon Musk. BitCars is your choice if you have already made your crypto millions and no longer get anxious about every Bitcoin fluctuation.

Prestige Cars Kent

Prestige Cars Kent is the name that speaks for itself. It is a dealership based in Kent that sells luxury cars perfect for driving around the scenic landscapes of the county. Unlike the two previous sellers, Prestige Cars Kent focuses on selling strictly used cars which nevertheless are still in great condition. Every car present on the dealer’s official website undergoes a 175-point quality check. Moreover, all clients are given a 12-month warranty and an AA breakdown cover absolutely free of charge. The assortment of vehicles offered by the dealership is rather diverse, from BMWs and Ford Mustangs to Maseratis and Landrovers. The dealership keeps a total of more than 200 cars and updates the prices every day to ensure that they remain competitive. 98% of the cars featured by Prestige Cars Kent have a next-day delivery, and if the client does not like their new vehicle, they can return it and get their money back, no questions asked.

Carriage Nissan

Carriage Nissan is a dealer located in Gainesville, GA, that sells Nissan cars. Nissan’s vehicles have for a long time been manifestations of reliable and all-purpose cars that do not break the next day you buy them. Carriage Nissan sells both new and used Nissans, so you can definitely find the one which will fit your bill. Recently, Carriage Nissan partnered with Coinbase to bring the option of paying with Bitcoin to its clients. Now, if you want to purchase a car from Carriage Nissan, you can pick the Bitcoin payment method, yet to do it, you will have to cover the entire price of the vehicle, including tax. Basically, at Carriage Nissan, you will not be able to pay for your car in installments using Bitcoin, which is understandable. Carriage Nissan is an excellent dealership for those who are determined to get themselves a Nissan car with Bitcoin at an affordable price.

MotorCars of Atlanta

MotorCars of Atlanta is another luxury car dealership from Georgia that accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment. The dealer’s official website lets clients view different vehicles and learn all details about each model. The dealer has both used and new inventories, so those looking for ways to save a little on their premium car purchase can safely do it at MotorCars of Atlanta. The dealership sells vehicles from a large number of car brands, but its specialty is exotic brands. At the dealership, one can find models from Aston Martin, Lotus, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, and even Koenigsegg, a Swedish car brand whose vehicles are simply built for speed. MotorCars of Atlanta not only sells cars but also provides the lease option for those not willing to use the same car for a long time and wanting to get a new vehicle in the near future. The dealership also has its own service center and allows clients to order auto parts.

Stephen James

The Stephen James dealership is a popular destination for all fans of BMW and MINI in the UK. The dealership has five BMW centers and three MINI centers across the UK. The company has been in operation since 1973, when it began selling used cars. In 1985, the company became an official retailer of BMW and MINI. This makes Stephen James one of the oldest dealerships in the country. Today, clients of Stephen James can still obtain both used and new cars at great prices. The company sells virtually all models of the two brands, so its customers have a lot of vehicles to choose from. Stephen James features Bitcoin payments as a way to let its clients have more freedom when it comes to purchasing a car. Stephen James does not accept Bitcoin directly, though, and uses the help of Bitpay, a service that processes Bitcoin payments for the company.

Post Oak Motor Cars

Post Oak Motor Cars is another name on the list of car dealers accepting Bitcoin in the US and specializing in selling luxury cars. The company’s catalog features all the usual suspects, including Bentleys, Bugattis, and Rolls-Royces. If you are looking for less lavish models, Post Oak Motor Cars is ready to supply you with Mercedes and even Toyota. The dealership also has exclusive offers. For instance, it sells Karma cars, which are often hard to find. Post Oak Motor Cars sells both new and pre-owned cars. The company’s entire inventory can be viewed online, and every car page has an Inquire form that lets clients contact the dealership. People wanting to try one of the dealer’s cars can book a test drive. Post Oak Motor Cars accepts Bitcoin, so you will not have any problem paying for a new vehicle using crypto. The process itself does not take long, and all payments are settled by the dealer’s partner.


Ferris is a South African dealership which is the pure heaven for Ferrari fans. Although the dealer sells mostly Ferrari cars, there are also some Porsche vehicles available. The company’s selection of vehicles is quite diverse since it contains both old models such as Ferrari Testarossa and new ones including Ferrari 488 Spider. Basically, Ferris Cars is the place for die-hard fans of the iconic red cars. The dealership has its own workshop where any Ferrari owner can go to fix their car or simply conduct regular maintenance procedures.  Ferris also has its Ferrari merchandise shop called Grandprix Store, where clients can get T-shirts, jackets, watches, and many other Ferrari-themed items. Ferris is one of a few South African merchants that accept cryptocurrencies for its products. At Ferris, you can buy a Ferrari car with Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Tether. Ferris accepts cryptocurrencies in partnership with AltCoinTrader. Thanks to Ferris, crypto investors from South Africa now have a chance to spend their crypto on a high-end car.

Lamborghini Newport Beach

If you are a Lambo person, rather than a Ferrari one, then you may want to take a look at Lamborghini Newport Beach’s assortment of vehicles. The dealership is one of the biggest ones in California. The choice of Lamborghinis at the dealer is absolutely staggering. You can get Gallardo, Huracan, and even the ultimate luxury SUV, Urus. Yet, apart from Lambos, there are cars from other companies. Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Porsche, and even Ferrari are car brands that are present on Lamborghini Newport Beach’s inventory list. Just like at the majority of dealerships, at Lamborghini Newport Beach, you can get both new cars and used ones but without a single blemish. The dealership provides the test-drive option, which you can schedule for any time. Lamborghini Newport Beach accepts Bitcoin as a payment method so crypto investors will not have to convert their coins to fiat to make a purchase.


There are many car dealers who accept Bitcoin but there is only one like Armormax since it sells cars that have been upgraded to become armored vehicles. Armormax armors cars without taking a toll on their designs. So, you probably will not be able to spot the difference between an original Tesla and the Armormax armored one. The company behind Armormax is International Armoring Corporation, which manufactures the most technologically advanced armored vehicles on the planet. Armormax uses lightweight ballistic armoring material, which can reduce a car’s weight by up to 60%. Armormax offers an extensive range of cars from different brands. At Armormax, you can get both luxury models such as Lexus LX 570 and Mercedes Benz G 63, as well as bulletproof Chevrolet vans. Armormax should definitely be the choice of crypto investors who want to transport their hard wallets safely from point A to point B. Armormax has several locations across the globe, including in Utah, Dubai, India, and Mexico.  Armormax is ready to accept Bitcoin as payment for its incredible armored cars.

How Car Dealers Can Accept Bitcoin

NOWPayments provides crypto payment gateway solutions for all car dealerships wishing to accept digital currencies. NOWPayments has several tools which dealerships can utilize to collect Bitcoin payments from their clients. For instance, there is an option of offering crypto invoices, special forms that contain payment details essential for conducting a transaction. NOWPayments’ clients can both issue reusable invoices or create new ones for each individual client.

Those merchants that sell cars online and host their stores on platforms such as PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento 2, WHMCS, OpenCart, Ecwid, Zen Cart, Shopify, and Shopware can use crypto plugins that can process Bitcoin payments automatically.


It is evident that the number of car dealers accepting Bitcoin as a payment method is quite large. Bitcoin and altcoins constitute great alternatives to fiat money, and there are millions of people who own such currencies. Car dealerships that still do not accept crypto but want to start doing it can use NOWPayments solutions to deploy their own crypto payment gateway.

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