Which blockchain is made for crypto payments?

More and more often, we come across ads “Bitcoin Is Accepted Here”. But among such a variety of cryptocurrencies, several diamonds are the most ideal for payments. We invite you to find out why some blockchains are better suited for payments and who these “A” students are.

What is AVNRich?

One of the biggest competitive advantages of AVNRich is delivered by its native cryptocurrency AVNRich token (AVN). The token of the marketplace opens many opportunities both to consumers and vendors. Check out the article to discover how AVNRich token can bring benefits to your business and how you can accept AVN payments.

One step closer to Crypto Mass Adoption — NOWPayments partnered up with Switchere to make fiat withdrawals accessible for everyone 

We at NOWPayments are excited to roll out a new fiat payout solution. The solution allows the merchants to withdraw any amounts of cryptocurrency in fiat starting from 15 EUR up to the unlimited volumes. This feature can be used by any business who is eager to test crypto payments for the first time and wishes to withdraw crypto to fiat currency fast, easy and from any part of the world.