New Coin Added: Welcome, Zcash!

New Coin Added: Welcome, Zcash!

What is Zcash?

Zcash is a privacy-protecting, digital currency built on strong science. Transact efficiently and safely with low fees while ensuring digital transactions remain private. Privacy is built into the core of Zcash, allowing people to send and receive Zcash without disclosing the sender, receiver or the amount transacted. Multiple transaction types allow you to determine what information is disclosed, and to whom.

We, at NOWPayments, value your privacy and aim to bring our customers the same level of privacy that they are looking for in their favourite currency. That’s why we are planning on implementing z-addresses in our payment system in about three months.

NOWPayments is a platform combining innovative and highly effective solutions for processing crypto payments and donations. As of now, it supports 16 major currencies and the list of coins is expanding constantly. NOWPayments aims to bring the best services to the customers. For this, we design and perfect simple to implement API with a wide range of options to choose from. With NOWPayments, you can create a custom solution perfect for your needs!

Other NOWPayments advantages include:

  • Instant auto conversion of funds to save your funds from rate fluctuations.
  • A wide range of coins — powered by ChangeNOW.
  • Transparent and hassle-free API.
  • Convenient store settings.
  • No hidden fees and custody-free service.
  • Reliable 24/7 Support service.
  • Quickstart with our tutorial.
8 Major Companies That Accept Bitcoin

8 Major Companies That Accept Bitcoin [Pay In Bitcoins]

Bitcoin still remains one of the most commonly known and widely accepted cryptocurrencies. Many online merchant companies use it as a real alternative to the local currency. 

Unfortunately, most of the companies that accept Bitcoins as a payment method work with it, for some reason, in a roundabout way. Payments are made using intermediaries, for example, Paymium and Coinbase, that have internal fees. In their majority, online merchant companies continue to treat Bitcoin with a certain degree of caution. However, they slowly begin to realize that more and more buyers see Bitcoin, and similar cryptocurrencies, as a viable alternative to fiat money. For this reason alone, online merchant companies agree to pay fees and get into trouble of supporting Bitcoin payments.

The Bitcoin enthusiasts have created a number of specialized websites for browsing companies that accept cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular. The largest one among such services is it contains a database of more than 100,000 merchants that accept Bitcoin. is a similar portal with an extended feature set. is a world map with places where it is possible to pay with crypto marked down. is used to find Bitcoin ATMs.

So, it is obvious that as Bitcoin is on the rise, many companies are planning on adding a possibility of crypto payments. Below, we introduce you to the list of 8 major companies that accept Bitcoin:

  1. Dell
  2. PornHub
  3. eGifter
  4. 4Chan
  5. ExpressVPN
  6. Microsoft
  7. Expedia
  8. Amazon (not directly!)


Dell is an American-based company producing computer hardware. On you can pay for almost anything, even tangible products, with Bitcoins. the payment gateway is powered by Coinbase exchange service. If you have your own Coinbase account, then you can pay for goods directly from it. This will save you from paying fees in the miners’ favour. The fee amounts to almost 1% of your purchase’s price.


PornHub is one of the largest platforms for distributing adult content: videos, live-streams, chatrooms, and more. A few years ago, the PornHub team made an important announcement: it started to accept Verge cryptocurrency. Verge was chosen for its anonymity, obviously. As of right now, among other payment options, there is a possibility to pay for the service using many other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. 

The payment method is supported by CoinPayments provider, one of the largest on the market. Unfortunately, they do have a fee for their services which has a negative impact on the final price that the customers are paying. 


eGifter is one of the most popular websites for purchasing gift cards in the world. The company has a website and a mobile application that offers gift cards for Amazon, Sephora, Home Depot, Kohls, and a variety of other merchants. It is a great opportunity to indirectly buy something with crypto on websites that do not support this payment method. Unfortunately, as we can observe, among larger companies, there are not so many businesses that accept Bitcoin so many crypto enthusiasts have to find a way out of this situation if they do not want to spend their fiat funds. 


4Chan is a beloved website and messaging imageboard among crypto users. On 4Chan, users generally post anonymously and the most recent posts appearing above the rest. 4Chan is split into various boards with their own specific content and guidelines. Registration is not possible and the biggest drawback of using the image board is that you have to enter the captcha to post a message. However, every user can contribute to the website with a donation and get a pass to not enter the captcha ever again. 4Chan accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin as a payment method for a 4Chan pass. They are some of the more widely adopted currencies and generally appear on the websites who accept cryptocurrency.


ExpressVPN is one of the largest virtual private network services that allow you to surf online securely and privately. A perfect example among the websites that accept Bitcoins and provide corresponding services: securing your identity online. ExpressVPN is a subscription-based service that accepts Bitcoin.


Microsoft, one of the largest corporations in the entire world, has been accepting Bitcoin for since 2014. They temporarily took a pause in accepting crypto due to the market’s volatility but as of right now they are accepting it again: however, strictly for the Xbox store credits. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has commented on Bitcoin many times saying things such as “Bitcoin is better than currency”. Such recognition is a huge step for a service who accepts Bitcoin. 

However, be mindful: when you deposit your BTC funds into your Microsoft account, you can use it to purchase games, movies, and apps in the Windows and Xbox stores. Under any circumstances, you can’t use these funds to purchase items in the Microsoft online store.


Expedia is a booking website for travelling. It is one of the first biggerplatforms that started to accept BTC as a payment method. According to its updated terms of service, Expedia does accept Bitcoin right now. In the past, it was a short period of time when crypto payment method was disabled on Expedia. However, there are some strict limitations to be aware of. Please consult with the latest version of Terms of use before deciding to spend your Bitcoins. that applies to any website or app. 


Last but not least, Amazon, one of the biggest online retailers. Despite many instances of false information about Amazon accepting cryptocurrency (some article say that Amazon accepts Bitcoin or just that Amazon accepts cryptocurrency), it is not true. Amazon is not one of the stores that accept Bitcoin. At least, directly. Even if you can’t pay with crypto directly on the website you can buy a gift card with BTC and use it to pay for your purchase on Amazon.

Finishing Thoughts

The most loyal members of the crypto community surrounded Bitcoin with a halo of too-good-to-be-true forecasts. However, it is clear as day that Bitcoin will face many obstacles on its way to become a truly widely accepted currency. New achievements will be got on that way as well.

But, despite the obvious problems, the Bitcoin’s creation and growth is a major event for the economy. Not everything will be going as smoothly as we would like but the crypto market is still very young and it’s developing before our eyes. The amount of merchants and services that accept Bitcoin is clear evidence for that. The community is the driving force of Bitcoin development, people’s desire to use a currency that is not controlled by the government.

Judging by the above facts, we can easily conclude that in the following years, the number of websites and services that accept Bitcoin (with or without intermediaries) will only grow. We can’t wait!

LTC is available on NOWPayments!

LTC is available on NOWPayments!

What is Litecoin?

Litecoin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that works similarly to Ethereum and Bitcoin. It’s a p2p online currency that allows to instantly receive almost zero-fee payments from all around the world. The network is decentralized and not operated by any central authority. Users can control their own funds without relying on third parties, such as banks or any other traditional financial institutions.

The Litecoin blockchain can handle a higher transaction volume than that one of Bitcoin. Due to the fact that Litecoin has more frequent block generation, the network supports more transactions without the need for scaling. As a result, merchants use faster confirmation times. That is why Litecoin is a very convenient crypto coin to pay with. It’s used worldwide, and its price makes the coin perfect for cross-border transfers and payments for goods or services. NOWPayments welcomes Litecoin among the listed coins!

NowPayments is a new-generation gateway for crypto payments. It supports major popular cryptocurrencies providing access to worldwide payments of any purpose. Accepting payments with cryptocurrencies has never been this easy!

Other NOWPayments’ advantages include:

  • The instant auto conversion which saves your revenue from price fluctuations.
  • The widest range of coins with the support of ChangeNOW swap service.
  • Convenient, easy-to-use and hassle-free API.
  • Clear dashboard and store settings.
  • Custody-free service with no hidden fees.
  • Reliable support agents, always at your service 24/7.
  • Quickstart on this page!
Welcome Monero to NOWPayments!

Welcome Monero to NOWPayments!

What is Monero?

Monero is an open source cryptocurrency based on unique blockchain technology. The main detail that differs Monero from many other cryptocurrencies is that it uses the CryptoNote algorithm to encrypt transactions. This protocol works on the principle of ring signature. It means that any member of some predetermined group can leave electronic signature to run a transaction — but it will never be known who did it.

In terms of privacy, Monero is considered one of the best and most secure cryptocurrencies. The transactions are impossible to trace and the wallet holder’s identity is hidden no matter what. For this reason, many people think that Monero is an excellent coin to pay with online — especially if you want to stay anonymous. For this reason, NOWPayments is adding Monero to the list of supported coins!

NOWPayments is an innovative service that provides customers to pay with crypto online — hassle-free and secure. With the support of all major currencies, NOWPayments is an excellent tool to implement crypto payments into your business.

Apart from that, NOWPayments’ advantages include:

  • The instant auto-conversion of the funds.
  • The widest range of supported coins.
  • Hassle-free and easy-to-use API.
  • Convenient merchant settings.
  • No hidden fees and custody-free service.
  • 24/7 support
  • Quickstart on this page!

New Coin Added: Welcome DigixDAO!

New Coin Added: Welcome DigixDAO!

What is DigixDAO?

DigixDAO is a Singaporean-based organisation that builds a decentralized autonomous organization to tokenize physical assets. What that means is the project creates the infrastructure for making tokens on the blockchain that are backed by physical assets in the real world. Digix network offers an API to enable dApps to be built on top of its asset tokenization service.

Digi is a community driven platform as all the DigixDAO holders can and should vote for the platform’s development direction. It is the true decentralized way and we at NOWPayments believe that currencies similar to DigixDAO have the brightest future as the payments gateways. This is why we are so excited to announce this integration.

As you may already know, NOWPayments is an innovative crypto gateway service that aims to solve the existing issues in the industry: lack of supported currencies, speed, big fees. 

Apart from that, NOWPayments have the following advantages:

  • The instant auto conversion of your funds: no risk of losing funds to market price fluctuations!
  • The widest among the competitors list of supported coins.
  • An easy to deploy API with an in-depth manual.
  • Custody-free service with no hidden fees
  • Support agents are available 27/7
DGB is live on NOWPayments!

DGB is live on NOWPayments!

What is DigiByte?

DigiByte is a blockchain with protocol focussed on cybersecurity thanks to its outstanding security features. It’s most decentralized and moreover one of the fastest in regards to speed of transaction processing. Founded in 2014, its an older and therefore mature blockchain project. DigiByte’s supporters claim that this is a hidden gem of the cryptocurrency market. According to them, the project plays a leading role in technology development. DGB’s network is faster, more scalable and secure than those of other major currencies. DigiByte has the most dedicated community and almost 100,000 nodes worldwide.

DGB is an extremely convenient coin to pay with. Its security, speed and adoption played the major part in our decision to support the coin as soon as possible. NOWPayments is excited to greet DigiByte among the listed coins!

NowPayments is a gateway for crypto payments that supports all of the major currencies. Every week brings new coins to pay with, i.e. new options to implement crypto on your service. Our API is designed to guarantee a quick deploy on your website or service and ensure instant funds withdrawal.

Other NOWPayments advantages include:

  • The instant auto conversion that will save you from rate fluctuations.
  • The widest among competitors range of coins with the support of ChangeNOW.
  • Simple, transparent and hassle-free API
  • Convenient dashboard and store settings
  • Custody-free service with no hidden fees
  • Reliable support agents are online 24/7
  • Quickstart on this page!
Is Cryptocurrency the Future of Money?

Is Cryptocurrency the Future of Money?

Of course, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, in particular, are entering our lives. The main factor that contributes to this is that cryptocurrencies create a trusted environment. You do not need a middleman or a third party. No one directly debits or credits your account. The meaning of crypto economics lies in the fact that the value that you possess, is only for you and no one else.

People appear to trust less to the banks. They are no longer intermediaries who subtly control your funds and give you advice on what to do with your money. As time goes, for many crypto holders they become mere advisors. For these services, they can receive their fees. But in the crypto paradigm, the trasactions are free and fast.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. It is created and transmitted using cryptographic methods, mainly based on the blockchain technology. Coins are produced in electronic form by conducting mathematical calculations. In simple terms, a cryptocurrency is a payment system. It is equivalent to real or fiat money and has an official rate.

Unlike other electronic payment systems, like Visa or PayPal, cryptocurrency initially appears without real money. To become the owner of a certain amount of coins, it is quite enough to connect to the service of their creation, become a member of a mining network and wait for your earnings. This is the key difference between cryptocurrency and real money. Fiat money is issued strictly by the decision of the Government and Financial regulation services.

How does cryptocurrency work?

So, what is cryptocurrency and how is it produced without physical form? Since crypto and Bitcoins, like other types of digital currency, do not have a single centre, they are created accordingly. that means they are created by the entire user community. These people are called miners. They get virtual coins after they perform some calculations using the computing power of their devices.

Transferring funds between two crypto wallets is called a transaction. The transaction is submitted to the public registry. There, it awaits confirmation. When executing transactions, wallets use an encrypted electronic signature. It is an encrypted data set called a cryptographic signature. Thos signature provides a mathematical confirmation that this transaction originates from the wallet owner. The confirmation process takes some time as miners have to confirm the transaction for it to be added to the public registry. At the moment, for Bitcoin, the confirmation time is about 10 minutes.

The advantages of using crypto and Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is called digital money as it is encrypted and protected using special algorithms. The main difference from the fiat is complete decentralization, independence from any financial and state system, and banking structures. It is achieved with blockchain technology. It allows users to consistently cryptograph their operations. Today there are hundreds of different cryptocurrencies in the world. The main one is still Bitcoin. What are its advantages over traditional currencies? Why use cryptocurrencies and why use Bitcoin?

First of all, all the transaction data is stored simultaneously on multiple user computers connected via the Internet. Simply put, a cryptocurrency does not have a single centre or control system. It is controlled simultaneously by many interconnected devices.

Then, most of the crypto is open source. Usually, cryptocurrencies are built on the basis of open source code. This means that developers can create application interfaces without paying a fee, and everyone can join and use the network.

Cryptocurrency owners keep their digital coins in encrypted digital wallets. The identifier of the owner of the coins is encrypted in the address. The owner of the wallet fully controls it. Usually, the wallet is in no way connected with the owner’s identity. However, be mindful that the relationship between you and your coins is pseudonymous, not anonymous! It is so since registries are open to the general public. This allows registers to collect information about groups of people on the network. There are some security coins, however, that are truly anonymous.

Crypto and Bitcoin’s impact

Today, many central banks are closely monitoring the development of Bitcoin and other cryprocurrencies. Some of them even proposed to issue a digital version of their national currency. For example, the central banks of Canada and Ecuador are among the first to explore such opportunities. This happens due to the fact that Bitcoin and crypto show the flaws in current systems. It is a nice thing that some governments want to perfect their financial systems.

In recent years, the influence of Bitcoin has led to changes in various industries. Mainy online companies began to accept crypro as payment. It opened the possibility for smaller businesses to establish themselves on the market. The impact of Bitcoin and the impact of cryptocurrency are immense in today’s world.

However, crypto brings a lot of political controversies. This is because no government can fully control it. It is sheer value for the people and no state can expropriate it. The cryptography that underlies the cryptocurrency just does not allow it.

The future of Cryptocurrency

What is the future of cryptocurrency, many people ask. In the economy of the future, the main goal is to get rid of intermediaries. They will not be needed. If we believe in this then the whole concept of economy and the whole world vision of it should change. Most of the legal entities that surround us become unnecessary. A large number of functions of the state, the financial system, the intermediary system also passes away. However, this is an extremely idealistic approach.

This is all different, unusual, maybe uncomfortable to many people even. Therefore, the transition to a new crypto economy can happen no earlier than in one or two generations. that means no earlier than in 40 years. Even if technologically the world is ready to this utopian society, people will not create it in a while. There are anti-trends that always work against every trend. The older generations, the governments do not want to change or sacrifice immediate comfort.

Today, the same technological revolution is taking place, as it was 100 years ago. The only difference is that now not human physical strength increases many times with the help of machines, but human mental abilities increase many times due to the same old machines.

The future of Bitcoin

The blockchain technology and Bitcoin, in particular, will make a significant contribution to the world economy. The volume of the impact is yet to be assessed. In the past, it was crypto enthusiasts and traders who determined the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market. Today, big companies have joined the market. With their presence, the future of cryptocurrency and the future of Bitcoin are much more difficult to access.

Nevertheless, it is important to remember that Bitcoin still faces many problems that have yet to be solved. Among other things, there is high power consumption, relatively low transaction speed, risks of hacks and cyber attacks. So, is cryptocurrency the future of the economy? Most likely, yes. However, that future still needs a lot of work to become serene.

Feel ZEN With NOWPayments? We Do!

Feel ZEN With NOWPayments? We Do!

What is Horizen?

Horizen is a cryptocurrency that appeared as a result of  ZClassic’s hard fork. The ticker is ZEN which nicely corresponds with the main idea behind Horizen: anonymity and confidentiality. The cryptocurrency came to the market at the end of May 2017. The developers have set themselves the goal of developing not only ZEN digital money but also a whole platform for users to interact while maintaining their confidentiality. To a certain extent, the community was offered an analogue of the social network.

Horizen is not only a secure cryptocurrency but also the platform that gives its community the ability to communicate privately during transactions, publish documents in the Horizen blockchain by using the Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS). NOWPayments’ team can’t be excited enough to add ZEN to the array of the supported coins!

NOWPayments is a user-friendly crypto payment gateway. It supports all of the major currencies and the list is expanding every week. After all, the more the merrier. NOWPayments works rigorously to provide the best services on the market. We have ensured a quick API deploy and instant funds withdrawal was available for all of our customers.

Apart from that, NOWPayment’s advantages include:

  • The instant auto conversion to save your funds from price fluctuations!
  • The widest among competitors list of supported coins.
  • A transparent and hassle-free API.
  • No hidden fees and custody-free service
  • Support agents are available 24/7
New Coin Added: Welcome XVG!

New Coin Added: Welcome XVG!

What is Verge?

Verge is a cryptocurrency that claims its dedication to full anonymity and users’ privacy. It was created in September 2014. At first, it was created under the name DogeCoinDark but was later renamed. The high degree of confidentiality in the currency is secured by special technology. It hides users’ IP-addresses and the transfer amounts so there’s no possibility to uncover customers’ identities. XVG is a currency with a limited issuance. Over 14 billion (out of a total supply of 16.55 billion) has already been mined already mined.

To accept payments in Verge is to be completely sure in your cyber anonymity! You can start with NowPayments!

NowPayments is a crypto payments gateway that supports all of the major currencies. Working strenuously, we make sure to extend the list of options to use as a payment method every week. NowPayments is designed to be easy to deploy on your website or service and ensure instant funds withdrawal.

Our advantages include:

  • Instant auto conversion that will save you from rate fluctuations and provide total security.
  • A wide range of coins (widest among competitors) with the support of ChangeNOW.
  • Simple, transparent and hassle-free API
  • Convenient dashboard and store settings
  • Custody-free service with no hidden fees
  • Trusted and reliable 24/7 Support service.

Quickstart with our tutorial.

Have FUN on NOWPayments

Have FUN on NOWPayments: New Coin Added

What is FunFair?

FunFair (FUN) is a cryptocurrency that is based on the Ethereum blockchain and developing in the online casino area. The project offers a revolutionary functionality that can not only solve the main problems of the gaming industry but also increase the attractiveness of this kind of entertainment. The FunFair platform was launched in 2017 and during the ICO showed its relevance. Developers pay attention to the main problem of modern online casinos — the opacity and the risks of fraud.

All the distinctive features of the FunFair platform are designed to provide a comfortable environment for leisure and entertainment users. Developers pay great attention to the security of the system, as well as the transparency of all processes — through open access and the immutability of the blockchain, each participant can be confident in the integrity of the funds. All of the above makes FUN the most convenient currency to pay with online. NOWPayments is excited to have it!

NOWPayments is an innovative crypto payment gateway. It supports all of the major currencies and constantly working on bringing in the new coins. Great service comes with diversity, after all. That, and ease of use. NOWPayments rigorously tested its services to ensure quick API deploy and instant funds withdrawal.

Apart from that, NOWPayment’s advantages include:

  • The instant auto conversion powered by ChangeNOW. Save your funds from price fluctuations!
  • The widest among competitors arrange of coins.
  • A simple, transparent and hassle-free API
  • Convenient dashboard and store settings: no specific knowledge required to use
  • Custody-free service with no hidden fees
  • Last but not least, 24/7 support