How to Integrate with NOWPayments?

We have all ordered something online before. Some do it more often than others and some are operating their own websites. For those who can remember, back in the day, E-Commerce was something new. It was not as common to be able to use any kind of payment mechanism to spend your beloved currencies on a product you want to buy. Nowadays though, this is possible. There are dozens of different payment methods ranging from Credit cards to Apple Pay to WePay to PayPal. A new player in town is cryptocurrency, a new type of currency that can not be processed through the traditional payment methods. 

One of the requirements of being able to process cryptocurrency payments is integration with modern-day web stores, the ability to process the payments and the ability to keep it fair for the person accepting the currency. Some of you might know how much of the transaction fees PayPal is charging, this is something crucial when it comes to cryptocurrency transactions. The traditional payment processors are battling for the dominant position within the market, and it’s no different in the land of cryptocurrency. One of the best services out there is NOWPayments, we’ve discovered multiple reasons why in a previous blog post. Today, we’ll shine a light on how to integrate NOWPayments into your service.


The easiest way of integrating the NOWPayments solution into any website out there is by using our API. It’s an easy and efficient way of adding our payment processing mechanism that even allows you to tweak a little here and there. The steps are simple;

  1. Create an account on the NOWPayments account page;
  2. Activate your account via the email that we have sent you;
  3. Sign-in into your account and open the Dashboard Page;
  4. Go to the ‘Store settings tab’ and press “Add a new key”; 
  5. You will get an API key. Save it somewhere safe;
  6. Create a wallet for the currencies you want to accept;
  7. Go to the “Outcome wallet” section in the “Store settings” page;
  8. Add the wallet address for the currencies you want to accept
  9. Start using our solution and enjoy!

This might seem simpler than it is in reality, so in order to support these claims of how easy it is, please check the full documentation.

WooCommerce Plugin

About one-third of all websites and a big chunk of the web stores run on WordPress. In addition to a WordPress site that enables you to run your website is WooCommerce. There are more than 750,000 stores worldwide that are hosted using WooCommerce, so an easily integrated solution for this had to be created. All you have to do for the NOW Payments’ WooCommerce Plugin is sign up on our website and get an API key. After that, you can just grab the source code of the plugin, copy and paste it on your website and there you have it. All that is left is creating yourself an IPN Secret key within your account page. This should be added to your WooCommerce account as well in order to receive updates about all the transactions. From now on, you can safely accept cryptocurrencies, track all the made transactions and enjoy zero-fees!

Crypto Donation Widget

Once you have set up your account on our website and you have played around a little with the API Keys, you are a little familiar with the way we operate. It’s no extremely complicated, we aim at making it as easy to use for any party involved. Another feature that we have created is the ‘Donation Widget’ with the ‘Donation Button’. It’s a feature that allows you to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of donation. All it takes is our easily integrated API based on your preferred currency and the store selected. This will bring you a piece of source code that you can add to your website, now you can accept crypto donations!

The best part about this service is the fact that there are no hidden fees. Where many of the crowdfunding or donation platforms take a huge chunk of your donation with the reasoning of ‘transaction fees’ or whatsoever, doing it through the NOWPayments’ solution will deliver all of your wired funds to the recipient. The donator, on the other hand, can now track what’s happening to his/her money as well, transparency! We are ready to revolutionize the donation industry, are you?

Need some assistance? Are you not as tech-savvy as others and feel like you need a little hand on getting started? That’s not a problem. We always strive to make our solution as easy to use as possible. Whether it is by offering our service in many different languages, adding more coins or by assisting personally, we aim to focus on our customers. If you are in need of some help, please go to our contact page, where you can specify your request.