Bring NOWPayments a merchant – get paid in ZEN!

In the light of our partnership with Horizen, we are here to tell you about our affiliate program, how exactly does it work and how much money can you get from it!

This type of partnership between you and NOWPayments offers an opportunity to get instant profit and a source of passive income! All you have to do is cooperate with NOWPayments by introducing a merchant to our service.

The idea is simple: establish our connection with a merchant — wait until they become our partner — get your reward!

A person who’s introduced NOWPayments to a merchant receives $25 in ZEN (in a single payment) and 0,2% worth of each exchange* of the said merchant (for a lifetime!). ZEN reward is paid after the integration is completed and the first transaction is made!

If a merchant decided to use our button, widget, or plugin, for the reward to be made, we need to see them on the merchant’s website. 

ZEN reward is paid only to the first 20 partners. All the following partners will receive 0,2% from each merchant’s exchange.

Reach out to us at [email protected] for further details.

*By “exchange” we mean the following: When a merchant chooses to accept payments in one cryptocurrency, and the client is paying them in a different one, the process of automatic coin conversion happens. There is a small fee on that automatic exchange, and the affiliate program participant receives 0.2% off of the revenue that is received by the exchange platform.